PyFitz is our shared package for random utility modules which we make and want to keep together.


To get source:

darcs get http://rkd.zgib.net/http/code/fitz/

To send source:

darcs record
  # say 'y' to whichever patches you want to include (try to group them in an organized fashion)
  # author format: "Your Name <email@domain.tld"
  # enter a descriptive title
  # enter a long comment (what is improved?  what is added?)  I used a bulleted list format
# rsync the directory over to a web server where richard can grab the changes

Standards for inclusion

It's better to commit something that works, than not commit at all.

Include things if there is a remote chance someone else might use them. But, if it's so abstract most people wouldn't get what it's about, maybe best to not include it (or keep it in your private repo). The goal of this package is to have one set of useful tools that we can install on other systems, and not have to transfer lots of little things separately.



List of modules

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