Windows Notes

For those times where you have no choice but to use it.



Emacs in Windows works great. A full FAQ is here. Binaries are here.

The .emacs file can be placed in C:\.emacs, but a better option for (shared) Windows 7 systems is C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\Roaming.


AUCTeX is easy. Full instructions. Just download and extract to the Emacs directory.


To use unison requires a bit of extra steps. Up to date binaries are here (along with links to some other things that you might need if they aren't already installed). The main difficulty is getting transfers over ssh to work. Download unison-ssh and follow the instructions there. There is a comment a ways down that explains how to setup keys. The summary is:

Once all that is setup, you should be good to go.

Some other notes from p.d.o.

Example preferences file

The following example is what I use to backup to the GT physics file server. It is a lot easier to just connect to the phys-file server using the file manager than to set everything up for SSH. I exclude a path here because it is huge and I don't need everything there to be backed up to the file server. It is useful to include the default profile for using common settings, such as fastcheck.

include default
root = D:\mvd
root = \\phys-file\mdepalatis3\lab
ignore = Path simion

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