When intelligent people come together to collaborate, good things happen and they have fun. Unfortunately, [I] do not see enough places for this to happen in the current department, thus we'll create a forum for collaboration. This forum isn't designed to be soley research related, instead, we'll focus on more general topics.

Forums will be structured as small group problem solving sessions. The core will be solving problems: problems posed by professors (or books) used as brain exercises, random science questions we pose to ourselves, and possibly research questions.

Since this will be smaller-group discussions and problem-solving, not lectures about research, we don't expect it to compete with the physical chemistry student seminar series.


Upcoming meetings:

What we'll do during meetings

Exact plans will be up to those who want to begin this. However, each session should have one person (the moderator for that week) who has a "backup plan" to lead discussion if nothing spontaneously occurs.

Organizing methods

(this needs refinement)

Operating methods:


People who want to organize:

People who want to attend:

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