This page saves information about summer E&M stuff.

Who is in: Richard, Robert, Manasi, Lizz, Cait, Carl

Book: Griffiths, ask Richard if you need a copy (full URLs not posted here, but it is + the secret part). Robert provided the solution manual that is also at that link.

When: Meetings tentatively Friday afternoons around 1.

Where: 7th floor

We will follow this opencourseware outline:

Each week, prepare for the next homework assignment. Look at the MIT link, and see what sections correspond to the assignment.

June 5 (thursday)

HW 1

math background

moderator: Richard

June 10 (tuesday)

manasi's problems

vector problems

moderator: Manasi???

June 18

tail of CH1, 2.1 to 2.3

carl's problems

moderator: carl

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