1 16:44 <mrcyan> i just heard an awesome story about a russian. 
   2 16:45 <mrcyan> someone asked this russian guy to get some DNA extraction
   3 16:45 <mrcyan> and for that people use these "kits"
   4 16:45 <mrcyan> so the advisor messed up and said get 50mg insted  of 50mcg
   5 16:45 <mrcyan> (microgram)
   6 16:46 <mrcyan> and the russian, instead of complaining
   7 16:46 <mrcyan> just went and did it
   8 16:46 <mrcyan> and he cultured like 10 liters of cells (A LOT)
   9 16:46 <mrcyan> and used all the kits in the department
  10 16:46 <mrcyan> and purified 50mg of DNA extract 
  11 16:47 <mrcyan> b/c in soviet russia you just do, you don't ask questions


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