Mapping from disk filenames to track titles (they can be seen in the sound-chooser menu in the game) was a pain for me. You basically have to listen to them all and correllate them yourself, AFAIK. Luckily, there are some patterns, though it is messed up in some places. So I'll document it here.

The ones labeled RH came from the Rush Hour music CD titles (see refs for downloads). The SC ones are the original game's music, which I got titles from using the in-game menu.

/- Disk File name
|                               /- SC4 or Rush Hour expansion?
|                               |  /-  track number in the CD (for now, RH only)
|                               |  |  /- name
Region/Music/SC4ep1_02_G.mp3    RH 01 Bombay     ALSO Area 52 in the game menu
Region/Music/SC4ep1_03_G.mp3    RH 10 Dig Deep
Region/Music/SC4ep1_08_G.mp3    RH 09 Arctica
Region/Music/SC4g1.mp3          SC    Above The Clouds
Region/Music/SC4g2.mp3          SC    Shape Shifter
Region/Music/SC4g3.mp3          SC    Terrain
Region/Music/SC4g4.mp3          SC    Without Form
Region/Music/SC4g5.mp3          SC    Taking Shape
Region/Music/SC4g6.mp3          SC    Primordial Dream
Region/Music/SC4g7.mp3          SC    Parallel View

Mayor/Music/SC4ep1_01_M.mp3     RH 02 Bumper to Bumper
Mayor/Music/SC4ep1_04_M.mp3     RH 08 The Morning Commute
Mayor/Music/SC4ep1_05_M.mp3     RH 04 Wheels of Progress
Mayor/Music/SC4ep1_06_M.mp3     RH 06 Deserted
Mayor/Music/SC4ep1_07_M.mp3     RH 05 Metropolis
Mayor/Music/SC4ep1_09_M.mp3     RH 11 ElectiCITY
Mayor/Music/SC4ep1_10_M.mp3     RH 03 Floating Population
Mayor/Music/SC4ep1_11_M.mp3     RH 07 Chain Reaction
Mayor/Music/SC4m01.mp3          SC    Rush Hour
Mayor/Music/SC4m02.mp3          SC    By The Bay
Mayor/Music/SC4m03.mp3          SC    The New Hood
Mayor/Music/SC4m04.mp3          SC    No Gridlock
Mayor/Music/SC4m05.mp3          SC    Re Development
Mayor/Music/SC4m06.mp3          SC    Bohemian Street Jam
Mayor/Music/SC4m07.mp3          SC    Urban Underground
Mayor/Music/SC4m08.mp3          SC    Street Sweeper
Mayor/Music/SC4m09.mp3          SC    Crosswalk Talk
Mayor/Music/SC4m10.mp3          SC    Tarmack
Mayor/Music/SC4m11.mp3          SC    Night Owl
Mayor/Music/SC4m12.mp3          SC    EpiCenter
Mayor/Music/SC4m13.mp3          SC    Gritty City
Mayor/Music/SC4m14.mp3          SC    Zone System
Mayor/Music/SC4m15.mp3          SC    Transit Angst
Mayor/Music/SC4m16.mp3          SC    Landfill
Mayor/Music/SC4m17.mp3          SC    Oasis


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