First off, make a directory to hold your files, and navigate to it.

Then, make a config file scvpn.ovpn, and place this in the file. (If you are using windows, use notepad to create this file. You have to do save-as to make it have the .opvn extension. Save the file in the openvpn directory you made.

remote 11194

cert MrYourName.crt  # These two are your keys
key MrYourName.key
ca ca.crt            # master CA file -- same for everyone

pull                 # pull config options from the server
dev tap              # use ethernet bridging
proto udp
comp-lzo             # compression
ns-cert-type server  # Verify that you are connecting to a designated
                     # server.

You need to get your keys. There is the master CA certificate (crt) that you use to verify the server. Then, you have two keys, MrYourName.crt and MrYourName.key. Richard gave these to you, so put them in this directory. Modify the config file you made to point to the keys and certificates you got from Richard.


Be sure that openvpn is installed:

aptitude install openvpn

Start openvpn:

sudo openvpn scvpn.ovpn


Install openvpn: Get whatever the latest version is.

Be sure that the files are saved with the right extensions

To start openvpn, right click on the scvpn.ovpn file and select "Start OpenVPN on this config file" Clever people will realize that this is why you gave it the .ovpn extension.


If it works, you should see

Sun Jul 16 19:43:57 2006 Initialization Sequence Completed

You should get a network interface with an ip in the 10.20.30.* block.


Because of changes we have made, you do not want to leave the VPN connected when you aren't using it. There is now a 30 minuete timeout for activity on it.


Record all games played at /LagLog to gather data to help get rid of this problem.

We have lag problems and are still trying to figure them out. Data we have:

Possible explanations:

Data we still want:

Server (notes for Richard)

See DebianNotes/IPTables for the full info.

With only one computer using the vpn as the default route, you can't see games. If you change a game from closed to open, then it will show up for a short time, and joining is fine.

key management

Follow the example here to setup the CA:

To make a new client key:

./build-key MrBeige

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