Initial set up. Do this only once.

When you untar it, you want to be sure to preserve everything about it:

sudo tar --numeric-owner --same-owner --same-permissions -xzvf scspawn.tar.gz

Everything from here on is relative to the directory you are in here.

Setup each time you reboot

First off, we need to let the UNIX socket for X appear in the chroot. This will do it.

sudo mount --bind /tmp/.X11-unix/ scspawn/tmp/.X11-unix/

Now, we need permission to connect to the X server. This command lets all local users connect to X. Run xhost -local: to undo it (be sure to undo if if you don't reboot often) (this is the recomended method)

xhost +local:

Mount whichever CD you need (probably broodwar.iso, but use starcraft.iso to do the original campaign.)

sudo mount -o loop,ro scspawn/home/scspawn/broodwar.iso scspawn/home/scspawn/cdrom/

To run stuff

Run winecfg to configure how it will show up. Under Graphics, you might want to not let the mouse leave the window. If you turn off emulate virtual desktop, then it will take over the whole screen instead of showing up in a window.

sudo /usr/sbin/chroot scspawn su scspawn winecfg

To play:

sudo /usr/sbin/chroot scspawn su scspawn wine /home/scspawn/win/Starcraft/starcraft.exe

You have to mount the right CD to play-- broodwar.iso for multiplayer.

Upgrading to the brood war patch

sudo /usr/sbin/chroot scspawn su scspawn -c 'cd ; wget && wine BW-114.exe && rm BW-114.exe'

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