Ideas for group meetings.

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Possible Topics


Add anything you think of here. If any of these look good, second them by adding your initials after them. After a while, things without interest shown will be removed.


M Jan 2


M Jan 9


M Jan 16

??? (MLK Holiday)

M Jan 23


M Jan 30



Kinsolving breakfast


18th November 2005

Just a lunch

28th November 2005

Another very nice lunch

F 2nd Dec

Lunch at Kinsolving. --- Richard talks about what he's been doing in the group, email sent to everyone so that they know, too. We also talked about mossbauer spectroscopy a bit... does that count as "science chat"(CL)?

M 5th Dec

Group meeting - during the meeting we will discuss Fourier Transforms and Correlation fucntions

T 6th Dec

Messrs Brown and Mutton will sell baked goods in CPE for "Safe Place for Women"

Th 8th Dec

Power Breakfast at Kinsolving (courtsey Mr Biege). Assemble outside Kinsolving at 9:00 am sharp!

M 12th Dec

Lecture By Aaron Saunders (Korgel Group). Of greatest relevance to Lauren and Mr Mutton.

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