"Liberals should have loved [George W. Bush's] domestic policies." Acknowledging that GWB was largely a failure, utahrepublicans like to suggest that he wasn't actually conservative. Obviously, if someone isn't conservative, he must be a liberal.

"Al Gore refuses to debate anyone [about global warming]." Absolutely killer evidence that global warming is a left wing conspiracy.


"Al Gore doesn't hold press conferences." In case you weren't convinced that global warming is a liberal conspiracy already.

"After finishing [some book on the Great Depression], I've come to the conclusion that FDR was an evil bastard." When one is a utahrepublican, one likes reaching a conclusion that is the same as one's initial assumptions.

Facebook status: "XXX is ready for Texas to succeed." Texas actually has a relatively high Gross State Product (GSP) and per capita incomes. In fact, it would be a strong nation on its own if it were to secede from the union.

"I was talking to [a friend] about how Obama is such an empty suit and she said, 'No he's not!' I replied, 'Come on! The guy's got nothing!'"


"You have no rights in Obama's America."


"You can't use the principle of live and let live with liberals because they'll just take all your liberties away!"

"The idiot factor is the only reason Barack Obama is president."

"It's just so dumb to be a Democrat."

"Rationally, John McCain would be as liberal as a politician could get."

"Everything there is small and old and shitty. I know I'm taking an American standpoint on that, and I'm proud of it." On Europe.

"Can you imagine a better secretary of state than John Bolton?"

"'Nuance' is a word to make idiots sound like they know what they're talking about."

"Barack Obama: Jimmy Carter's best chance to not go down as the worst president ever." A "great idea" for a t-shirt.

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