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The theory network in our office has some rather bothersome limitations. These limitations only occasionally become truly limiting, but have gotten in Richard's way since day one.

We have a Linksys WRT54G router which we had used for wireless and unfiltered internet access in the past. To overcome the theory network limitations, Richard has upgraded the firmware on the WRT54G and began customizations to use it to overcome limitations.

The router is now configured as a three-way switch. It now serves as a central bridge between the Columbia internet (unfiltered), the Reichman internal network, and the theory network (a modern-day equivalent of the Berlin Wall).

In the discussion below, the "theory network" is the large 16-port switch we have historically used. The "reichman network" is if you are plugged into the router, and wireless.

Some of the things that you may want to do that you couldn't before:

Other notes:

Fixing the printer problem

Update: fixed, no need to do anything else. Configuration below will be removed once you reboot, but won't hurt things before then.

Due to conflicting IP address from another computer on the theory network, our printer is currently not accessible. We need to tell our computers which machine the printer's IP address really goes to.

You can fix it by doing this:

# Linux
sudo ip neighbour replace to lladdr 00:01:e6:e2:ae:44 dev eth0

You only need this command once each time you boot up, then you should be good to go.

If you use OS X, try (this is untested, it may or may not work)

# OS X
sudo arp -s 00:01:e6:e2:ae:44

If you use a different operating system, you need to figure out how to "adjust the ARP table" for your operating system (that's the phrase to google for).

A more permanent fix to this problem would be to move our printer to a static IP address that doesn't conflict with those assigned by the DHCP server, but that would require us to change all of our computers' configurations. Another solution would be to get the other machine on the network to change its IP address, but that would only last until the next time someone got that IP address assigned by the DHCP server.

Technical Setup Information

Router documentation


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