This course is designed to build on the python tutorial (and other things out there), not replace them. However, I'm trying to merge those references with human interaction and good old homework-type assignments. In a way, it's designed for me--

Other places to look:

Why am I duplicating this? It's probably going to be slightly fun, and I might learn something.


Look around at

Read this essay to hear one opinion of python. The main point is not ESR's great love of python, but his emphasis on having things be elegant and "make sense" to the mind.


Install the latest version. The python developers always make the language backwards-compatable, which means that anything that works with python2.3 also works with python2.4. Going the other way is usually easy (but not always), unless you've used a feature specific to python2.4. However, these are mostly documented, so you'll know what you are getting into.

Running stuff

Data Structures

Flow control

Object orientation

Example: write a class to... (doesn't involve magic methods)

Example: write a quick vector class that internally stores data as lists. It should support addition, printing, and multiplication by a constant


Reading/writing data


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