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This contains comments from all classes mixed together. I annotate where it came from with the stardard C, E, L. The question comes first, then my indended reply. I will probably come back and revise this later, perhaps grouping them more.


You should go over concepts first, then sample problems, then specific questions. (L)

It is very important to decide what to do and not wander aimlessly. Also, at the first exam review you were wandering aimlessly, it seemed like you didn't know what is important. (C)

Keeping it open to student questions is best. I highly disagre (with the "should dictate what happens" question), leaving it open lets me ask questions that bug me and I haven't had a chance to ask about. (C)


Stop doing theory, start doing actual examples with numbers. That's the only way we can see what is going on. (L)

Sometimes you tried to stay vauge, and that was confusing. Perhaps make up other problems? (L)

Sometimes what you did wasn't right. (L)

The professor's office hours were less crowded so I went there. (L)

Move on if only one person doesn't get it. (L)

Explanations should be drawn out longer, so that everyone can understand. Perhaps you can combine two weeks into one big bi-weekly one, we'd get more out of them. (L)

Students are shy so they don't answer from when you ask, don't keep explaining the same thing if no one says anything. (L)

Try to get closer to the answers and methonds without solving the formal answer. Often, I would walk out of the review not linking the lecture and homework. (L)

Those that came unprepared were holding us back. (L)

The reviews should have focused more on class material than homework problems (E)

Speak louder and to everyone. (E)

You assumed too much when doing the problems, and that made them too easy. (C)

I want to start out with the easy ones, since they will explain what is going on, and the harder ones are a logical extension. Often, though, people would not be around long enough to get to the hard stuff.


They shouldn't conflict with our organic chem labs. (E)

Web page was confusing, it was hard to tell when we could go. (C)

We didn't know about the reviews / they weren't well communicated. (C)

"Never went, never knew about them. Better publicity?" ... I've never been good at attending reviews ... Flyers might help. (C)

I didn't even know we had a TA. (C)

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