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Getting there

It seems that people are paying about $400 lately.

In the city


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Plans for the first day

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During the day


What will we do for transportation in the city?

  • We'll get a $24 all you can ride MetroCard (lasts a week, longer than we are there. $24 = 14 single rides). This gets us unlimited subway and bus privileges, which is all most people use. The only thing excluded is regional rail, but that isn't used a lot by us.

What do I have to know about taking the subway?

  • Follow the signs. Some subways stations are easy (stations with only one line), but others are impossible to figure out. But they label everything well. Know what you are looking for, and follow the signs to it. Be aware of the "uptown" vs "downtown" bound trains distinction. In some stations, there are separate street entrances for different trains

What are the most important subway lines?

  • #1 goes to columbia at broadway. It runs local all the way through downtown. General wisdom is that you always want to transfer, if you're going to an express stop. But sometimes express trains aren't running as often as you'd like, so it's a toss-up.
  • the A(B/C/D) line goes to 125th street in Harlem, and is about as close to Richard's apartment as the 1 line. It runs express all the way down, which is ideal. Richard likes to take the A.

What if I got lost ?

  • Ask someone how to get to a subway station, go in and look at the maps to figure it out.

What other advice did you get when you got there?

  • always look both ways before crossing the street, even if it's a one way street. (note: i've never see anyone going the wrong way)

How do I get from LGA to Richard's place?

How do I get from JFK to Richard's place?

  • Follow the signs to the airtrain. You can transfer between terminals for free. You want to take the train bound for "Jamacia" to get to the city. At the Jamacia transit center, you will pay $5 to exit the airtrain terminal. Then follow the signs to the subway. You want to take the E line (runs express to midtown.) Get on the train, and stay on until 42nd street. Then get off. You have to make a choice now: take (an uptown A), or (a uptown 1), or (and uptown (2 or 3) and transfer to an uptown 1 at 96th street). You decide. Look at maps and make plans. If you get lost, ask someone how to get to (Columbia University/116th street 1 station) Check

  • richard's local map



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