This page is designed to document the process of moving to Finland, in particular to the BECS department at Aalto University. It may be applicable to other places. This page is not designed to duplicate all of the other resources out there, but describe the practicalities which other places do not often say. Thus, you must read the other information also - if there is nothing to add, some things are not mentioned here!

You should get a browser that translates (Google chrome can, probably others by plugin). This lets you use pretty much any website (though some fancy javascript can break it). The experience isn't perfect but you can do most things.

When is the best time to arrive? Perhaps about 1/3rd of the way through a calendar month. That way, you have a week to get legal/money things taken care of, then a few weeks to look for an apartment (easiest before the 1st of the month, since most leases start there), and then a week to get your place furnished before you go over a one-month Töölö Towers stay (up to 1 month is a flat rate, so once go past the daily rate there is no urgency to move out sooner).

Credits: This page includes both ideas and words from everyone at BECS. Please contribute, too. If you don't know where something should go, add it to the bottom and someone else will sort it.

You should be able to accomplish everything above within about 24 hours, if you plan it right. For all the following steps you need to have your Finnish personal identity code (DDMMYY-NNNX).

Everything above this point you should be able to do in 1-2 hours after you get the Finnish ID number (they are all right next to each other downtown - go in the morning).

After you have been here a while

Aalto things


Finding a place to live

What happens next depends on the showing.

So, that is the way the game is played. If you saw and applied for multiple places, you will have to guess the chance of receiving each apartment and use that to make a decision on each, as calls come in, without knowing which other ones you will get selected for. A summary:

Unsorted information

Useful websites

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