Internet Relay Chat

IRC is like other messaging systems, but has it's own peculiarities. I'll describe these differences first, then talk about how to use it.

First off, IRC isn't controlled by one company. This gives us more flexability (for example, people can make things like the java applet below, we all use different programs for accessing it). You don't have to register the first time you use it. That means that someone else can take your "nickname", but you can register and protect it if you'd like. The group discussion abilities are also better.

Components of IRC

How to get connected

Since there are so many different IRC programs, I'll just go over what you do with XChat.

IRC commands Commands

16:51 -!- You're now known as YourNewNickname }}}




20:39 * MrBeige tests the /me command }}}

20:56 [oftc] -!- MrBeige [] 20:56 [oftc] -!- ircname : Richard Darst 20:56 [oftc] -!- channels : [...] 20:56 [oftc] -!- server : [Vienna, Austria] 20:56 [oftc] -!- idle : 0 days 0 hours 5 mins 10 secs [signon: Thu Apr 27 14:23:33 2006] 20:56 [oftc] -!- End of WHOIS }}}


Windows binary archive:, has X-Chat executables. The main site is

Richard has a java IRC applet (written by someone else at avabliable for you. All you need is a web browser.

This also has various special features to make it auto-join channels and establish message windows with someone. Talk to Richard for details.

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