This page is for collecting ideas and drafts of experiments for a Girl's Science Day at Columbia. This day has groups of no more than 12 girls, 6th-8th grade, doing 35-minute experiments.

Possible experiments (final selection process)

Graph theory (Seven Bridges of Königsberg)

Make a course of bridges and land following the historical Seven Bridges of Königsberg problem. This could be done either outdoors using chalk on the ground or else indoors using tape. Have the girls try to walk the course, starting from wherever they choose, crossing each bridge once and only once. Once everyone has had a chance to try, discuss why it can't be done. Introduce the concept of edges and vertices and reformulate the problem in an abstract way.

Next, divide the girls up into two groups, corresponding to the blue and red castles in the Wikipedia article. Have the blue team try to figure out where to add an eighth bridge so that they can walk the bridges without allowing the red team to walk the bridges, too. Meanwhile, take the red team to a second course -- perhaps be a similar course where it's possible to walk the bridges starting from one location. Then the red team could try to figure out how to walk the new course successfully. After the blue team has finished adding their bridge, help the red team try to figure out where to add a ninth bridge to reverse the situation. Meanwhile, take the blue team to the second course.

At the end, do some kind of wrap-up. Thoughts?

There are many possibilities listed above: we’ll decide the exact plan later, and can always improvise as we go along.

Here is our actual lesson plan:

Possible experiments (preliminary ideas)

Other sources of experiments

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