This is the central planning location for Girl's Math Day. This is a random idea which Richard thought up. It would be similar to Girl's Science Day, put on by Women in Science at Columbia.

Please add any ideas you have to this wiki. This wiki will be the central organizing point. Everything will be public, to enable anyone to jump in and take part, as well as producing an excellent online resource for others to use and copy.

Will Girl's Math Day actually happen? It is nothing but a pipe dream right now, Richard has no idea if people will want to do this, but at least this page will allow people to discuss, add ideas, and see the feasibility. Someday someone might stumble upon this and use our ideas.


Please add your name here if you would like to help, and in what capacity. You do not have to be a math student to help or run experiments!

Roles (fill in your name here if you can do the job, more than one person per job is fine):

Experiment ideas

For now, see GirlsScienceDayExperiments for a list of experiments. A fair number of the ones on that page are mathy. Richard has some math puzzle books which can give a plethora of ideas.


Write down your random thoughts in this section, and organizers can use them in their planning.

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