Documents installation of Debian (Lenny) on Vostro 220s.


Works fine with fglrx module, which is in the repositories and all debianized. It generally works perfectly and can run 3D games well.

DVI works, haven't tested HDMI since I don't have a non-VGA monitor. There's no reason it shouldn't work.


Does not work fine out of the box. There is some bug in alsa with this computer and card. To work around, install later drivers manually. I downloaded alsa-driver-1.0.19 myself, then ./configure, make, sudo make install, sudo alsa unload to remove all current modules, depmod -ae, sudo alsaconf to have it reload modules, and it worked.

Presumably this will not be necessary for a later kernel.

Everything else

Works well enough that I don't even notice it.

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