You can find the NFS howto here, It is also mirrored on TLDP.


Client setup

Mounting is very simple:

sudo mount mnt/chroot


Everything you need is in /etc/exports. Just do this:


Access must be given on a per-machine basis. There are more advanced methods for specifying machines, like network and netmask

Options can be found in man exports. Some basic ones are

There is a userspace and kernelspace NFS server. It didn't look like the userspace one is maintained anymore, so I used the kernel one, and the info above is specific to the kernel server. Package is nfs-kernel-server (as opposed to nfs-user-server).

If you want to do a server, read about the security stuff somewhere. From reading about it, I have a pretty good idea why it is called "nightmare filesystem"

Change the port the server is running on:

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