To get the kernel headers set up right, run module-assistant (package module-assistant). Select the prepare option. You don't actually need to use module-assisstant to complile the modules. Also, install the wireless-tools package.

It has a debian/ directory already. The 1.7 tarball made debian packages that didn't work-- (a file existed in both utils and modules packages). The 1.6 tarball worked.

fakeroot debian/rules binary

You must install the windows driver before you can modprobe the module. If you don't, you get errors like insmod: error inserting 'driver/ndiswrapper.ko': -1 Invalid parameters or FATAL: Error inserting ndiswrapper (/lib/modules/2.6.8-2-686/misc/ndiswrapper.ko): Invalid argument.

You install new drivers with the ndiswrapper utility. ndiswrapper -i  xxxx.inf.

To build for a kernel version not installed, use the KVERS environment variable.

KVERS= fakeroot debian/rules binary

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