I originally found all of these links while researching "computer security topics". You can't fully understand or protect against security vulnerabilities without understanding how the underlying system works. I never had a reason to peek so far under the hood before this. I present the following links together for anyone interested. Also, it's nice not to have all of these open in tabs anymore. -- MrGreen

Understanding the Low Level

Linux Kernel

Low-Level Memory Management

Dynamic Linking

I really need to find a quality explanation for how exactly dynamic linking works. These links give you an idea of how one portion of it works, but are not the complete picture.

Linkers and the ELF format



I've discovered that one can learn a great deal by trying to break other people's software.

Buffer Overflows

Shame on you if your software has overflowable buffers.

How To Run Your Shellcode

Once you have the ability to write sizeof(void*) contiguous bytes anywhere you chose, what should you overwrite?

Super Clever Shit

Not Computer Topics

Forensics and Anti-Forensics

Anonymity and Privacy

Misc Tools

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