imapfilter allows you to filter your messages stored on an IMAP server without having to have shell access on the remote machine (otherwise, you could use procmail).

Sample Configuration

Below is my configuration file so far. imapfilter uses Lua for its configuration file, so you can probably do some fancy things if you know Lua.

-- Options
options.timeout = 120
options.subscribe = true

-- Accounts
utexas = {
        server = '',
        username = 'USERNAME HERE',
        password = 'PASSWORD HERE',
        ssl = 'ssl3',

-- Filters
ubuntu_users = {
        'to "ubuntu-users"',
debian_science = {
        'to "debian-science"',

-- Check inbox.
check(utexas, 'INBOX')

-- Actions.
results = match(utexas, 'INBOX', ubuntu_users)
move(utexas, 'INBOX', utexas, 'ubuntu-users', results)

results = match(utexas, 'INBOX', debian_science)
move(utexas, 'INBOX', utexas, 'debian-science', results)

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