Galeon is a mozilla-based web browser that does everything I could possibly need. Unfortunately, not all the useful config options are exposed by the gui. There are two methods to configure galeon:

With gconf

gconf is a configuration-keeper for gnome apps. It is sort of like the windows registry, except it was done right; I've never known it to cause the system to crash or slow down. Galeon uses it to store the configure options that one sets using the preferences dialog from the edit menu. Unfortunately, the dialog doesn't expose all configurable options. Here is how you can access the missing ones:

Install gconf-editor. Run it. Browse to /apps/galeon. Investigate.

Of particular interest to me (and perhaps you) is UI/Tabs/tabbed_position. I like tons of tabs down the side of my browser, instead of at the top or bottom. Yay.

With the internal mozilla configuration system

Enter the url about:config. (Do not put http:// in front of it.) You will get a big list of configuration variables that can be set. Investigate.

Of special interest to me (and probably you) is 'browser.enable_automatic_image_resizing'. This resizes images that are too big to fit in your window. Clicking on the image toggles between the shrunk version and the original size version.

I also like 'general.smoothScroll'.

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