Here, I'll just clock data rates from various things. This is mainly for my personal reference, but more additions are very welcome. Note that this isn't really scientifically acquired.

Block Devices

sudo dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/null bs=10M

/dev/zero --> /dev/null. On Boltzmann. 456728248320 bytes transferred in 6.569933 seconds (69517946953 bytes/sec) 70 GB/s

boltzmann 60 GB hard drive --> /dev/null. On boltzmann, uses UDMA, according to the kernel log on bootup. if=/dev/hdc. 7025459200 bytes transferred in 203.667217 seconds (34494796 bytes/sec) 35 MB/s This seems too slow to me.

Maxtor 7200 RPM SATA hard drive --> SATA transport --> External hard drive case --> USB2.0 connection --> boltzmann. if=/dev/sda 300090728448 bytes transferred in 9960.405536 seconds (30128364 bytes/sec) 30 MB/s

SATA internal hard drive --> zarankiewicz. SATA working to the best I can make it. 5295308800 bytes transferred in 86.884386 seconds (60946610 bytes/sec) 60 MB/s

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