Model Virtual Host

NameVirtualHost *

# The very first virtual host is the default one, NOT the 
# global DocumentRoot.  Hovewer, all virtual hosts will 
# inherit the configs from the global config (outside of 
# the VirtualHost directives).

<VirtualHost *>
        # This will be the default serve location:
        DocumentRoot /var/www/

<VirtualHost *>
        ServerAlias *
        DocumentRoot /path/to/rkdwww/

Aliases and rewriting

        Alias /pchemwiki /srv/www/moin/moin.fcgi


This module does everything, so much that I can't quite document it right now.

bandwidth limiting

These instructions use mod_bandwidth, included with debian. I used the instructions at

Examples: {{{ BandWidthModule On # put this in each virtual host


Sometimes the server would get clogged down when doing this. I think that it forgets that old connections were closed, and thus limits the bandwidth more than it should. To remedy this, stop apache, clean out the files in tmp/apachebw, (or /var/lib/apache/mod-bandwidth/ on debian) (not the directories themselves), then restart apache. This made it fast again for me.

generating ssl keys

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