I have attempted to come up with some Debian beamer themes, for use with LaTeX-Beamer

My philosophy in making these was to use as much that came with Beamer as possible, and just define a color scheme and logos on top of it. This means that the theme consists of lines below, which you can copy and paste.

You need to pick your own layout theme from among those which Beamer distributes. For demos of all of the Beamer themes, coupled with the color theme below, see http://rkd.zgib.net/http/debianbeamerthemes/light/.

I got the debianred and debianblue colors from the beta Debian website. If you are involved in the graphic design of Debian and want to improve these colors, let me know.

Everything here should be considered "under development" and I welcome contributions (or someone else taking over). What is here just slowly evolved from presentations I have given myself.

Right now the themes are distributed as the commands below to copy and paste, because a) they are so trivial it's hardly worth a package b) it is not stable. At this level of development, I don't think the incompatibilities (with systems which don't have the theme installed) and future changes make a package worth it. I invite anyone to use what is below to create a real package once you feel that it is worth it.


To put a light Debian swirl in the background, download this file and use


To put a small Debian logo in the theme's defined logo location, download this file and then the command below. If you have a project that has it's own logo, you should put that project's logo here, instead.

\logo{\includegraphics[viewport=274 335 360 440,width=1cm]{openlogo-nd.pdf}}

Color theme

For all color themes, define these colors:

\definecolor{debianred}{rgb}{.780,.000,.211} % 199,0,54
\definecolor{debianblue}{rgb}{0,.208,.780} % 0,53,199
\definecolor{debianlightbackgroundblue}{rgb}{.941,.941,.957} % 240,240,244
\definecolor{debianbackgroundblue}{rgb}{.776,.784,.878} % 198,200,224

Then copy and paste all of these lines:

\setbeamercolor{normal text}{fg=debianred}

\setbeamercolor{palette sidebar primary}{fg=debianred}
\setbeamercolor{palette sidebar secondary}{fg=debianred}
\setbeamercolor{palette sidebar tertiary}{fg=debianred}
\setbeamercolor{palette sidebar quaternary}{fg=debianred}

\setbeamercolor{block title}{fg=debianblue}

Layout theme

You have to decide on a layout theme yourself. Look at this gallery for an example of all the beamer themes, and just \usetheme{THEMENAME} whichever one you'd like.

As a suggestion, for something "fancy" with a sidebar, use this:


As a suggestion, for something more low-key, use this:


See also



This work is Copyright 2011 Richard Darst (but not because I want it to be). I hereby release my work under the Expat/MIT license (the same terms as the Debian open-use logo). Full terms can be found at the Debian logos page. I encourage use of this theme for any purpose with no advertisement of the source needed, but would appreciate further contributions.