Equipment and stuff


You can just go down to the first floor of chandler and ask to get office supplies. There is a form to fill out with your name and the group's name. Their supplies are rather limited, but they have most things we need. I'm not sure if we pay for this ourselves or not.

Specific things to order


You should probably ask dave first (but as far as I know they don't actually check this). There is a reimbursement form to fill out, which Carlos sends out by email every semester or so. He will want this to be filled out on a computer and printed, not filled out by hand. I always print it out and walk it down to him to make sure he says "yes, you have everything you need". Once a friend of mine submitted receipts, but was missing something so it was "put aside" and forgotten for months until my friend followed up, and then had to begin all over again.

You will need the receipt or invoice. It is best if it explicitely states the payment method (like "visa" or "cash") on it. Printouts are fine.

Then, bring the form to carlos on the third floor of havemeyer (office towards the front of the building) and he will process it and hopefully you will get a check in a month or two mailed to your home address.

Printing, scanning, copying

There are two copy machines in the main office and one in the old library. Copy code is posted at the front of the room.

Our min printer's IP address is posted on the divider by the printer itself. It is a HP LaserJet 4300n.

You can use the copiers in the main office to scan - ask one of us for how to do it. These copiers can mail you PDFs of your documents. You can use our (temporary) HP PhotoSmart 2610 printer to scan by using this command if you install the xsane and hplip packages:

xsane 'hpaio:/net/Photosmart_2600_series?ip='

To make the 2610 act as a copier, use xsane, go to preferences->setup->copy->set up paper geometrie to be letter size, and the offsets to be zero.

Building access and office security

Things to do for new members


When our office has been vacuumed: October 8, October 24, November 18, Feburary 14, April 20, June 7, (I think one we missed), October 5, November 2, December 2, ???, August 1

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