Submitting jobs to the queue

You must ssh to the computer aqfctl first, see CUChem/Networking.

Our queue system is Sun Grid Engine (use this name if you try to google for more information). There is lots of information on the internet. For example, see .

To use the queue system, we must source the SGE configuration files to set up environment varibles. In bash, do (in csh/tcsh, use the .csh file instead):

source /export/sge6.2_U7/ChemQ/common/

You must submit jobs from aqfctl.

Queue status commands


List your jobs

qstat -u <username>

List jobs for a given user, '*' for all users

qstat -u '*' -q <queue>

List all jobs running on a given queue

qstat -g c

list available queues

qstat -U <username>

List all queues where you have access


List all known nodes

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