Virtual test cluster

We have the following nodes (all kvm virtualized). You should be able to access them from the sheltered network.


beta is the master.


The nodes do not have individual disks, the root filesystem on the nodes is shared at beta:/srv/beta-root. It is the same filesystem for _all_ nodes. Hostname and IP address is set via DHCP, you can use conditionals on the hostname if you need to make scripts aware of where they are running. Use

schroot            # as your own user (not too useful)
schroot -u root    # as root

to run commands in the chroot. Be aware that not everything is mounted in the chroot

If you run apt-get in the chroot, it won't start any daemons. Don't leave programs running in the chroot.

Since it is a shared filesystem, you can't hard code any names or IP address in the config files. You have to get the config files to automatically detect that stuff. If you need hard-coding, I have several ways to work around it.

- richard

Admin notes

Planning new cluster

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