This page is for planning the video for the CADD conference at columbia. This is as a service to CADD, but also as practice for DebConf10 video setup.

June 18, 2010. One room. Estimated 5 to 25 watchers.


What we have:

The current plan:

Things to check:


For videoers schedule, see below.

Current plan:

Steath DebConf organizer's schedule:

Todo list:

IRC channels

Computer information

In all computers, place this in ~/.dvswitchrc


Richard's laptop

setxkbmap us / setxkbmap dvorak

use wicd-curses to bring up network
sudo modprobe dv1394

dvswitch -h -p 1234
sudo dvsource-firewire -h -p 1234 -c 0

sudo killall -9 dvgrab  # to kill it if smoething goes wrong

Michelle's laptop

# dvswitch -h -p 1234  <- This format is deprecated; the parameters are in ~/.dvswitchrc

1st ## The GUI - dvswitch
 % dvswitch

2nd - # To add to the list of sources an intermission file

# % cd /media/04cce5dd-3235-4ed6-b2b7-adb521eb9f2d/cadd
% cd /media/helium_data/cadd
% dvsource-file -h -p 1234 -l intermission.dv

## Cd to the directory you want and then run this to save the streams
3rd dvsink-files -h -p 1234 cadd-%Y-%m-%d-%T.dv

# This command streams the data to the internet
dvsink-command -h -p 1234 -- ffmpeg2theora - -f dv -F 25:3 --speedlevel 0 -x 640 -y 480 -v 3 -a 5 -c 1 -H 9600 -o - | oggfwd 8000 8hjpr /uss_abc.ogg

simon's half-laptop

Volunteer information/training

There is a draft schedule to fill in below. Since this is a simple event, filling out the full schedule may not be necessary, however, it is a good starting point to plan on.

It is probably true one person can manage videoing themselves. We'd like to have one of Simon, Eric, or Richard around at all times. One DVSwitch and one camera operator is ideal, and should result in a relatively easy workload.

Only one person is needed during the breaks (to watch over the equipment and keep it from getting messed with). Volunteers for session X are encouraged to arrive during the break before session X, so that they can become familiar with the equipment and do some quick practice.




0845 - 1030

1030 - 1045 break

1045 - 1215

1215 - 1330 lunch

1315 - 1415 (unrecorded)

1415 - 1500

1500 - 1515 break

1500 - 1700

DVswitch operator

Camera operator

A/V helper: laptop and microphone setup for speakers


In order to post the video somewhere, they must be post processed. This consists of:

Here is one complete workflow listed: . Let's do what that says. Question: what $F2OOPS should we use there?

Postprocessing allocations

Roles: Identify chunks per talk, Spot-check, Join, encode

files for this talk


Talk 1

Talk 2

Talk 3

Talk 4

Talk 5

(not videoed)

Talk 6

Talk 7

Talk 8

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