3132 - Thanksgiving 2

c0230 -- Mon, 2008 Jan 07
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Woo, I am updating again.  I am switching to three times a week (MWF)
in hopes of going longer this time.  I'm also going back to crediting
(initials only) with who inspired the idea.  This doesn't mean that
they know they inspired it, sometimes a completely innocent remark can
lead to me coming up with something.  (In the past, I have been
recommended to both credit them, and to not credit them.)

Speaking of which, since my ideas are farther between, do send me
anything you think is funny.

Also, because of my erratic update schedule, reading comics by email
or RSS mechanism (see the site for how to subscribe) would make a lot
of sense.

credits: wlm and others.

- UGH, I overmarinated the turkey!
- I've ruined Thanksgiving!
- So you mean the main point of Thanksgiving is the turkey, not,
  let's say, something like giving thanks or being with family?