3132 - Asking Questions

c0228 -- Fri, 2007 Nov 09
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I'm taking a survey.  The question is "How long per week does it take
me to make the comics)?"

I am talking about the total time per week to write the final draft of
the dialog, research to be sure I'm not saying something wrong, draw
(on the computer) the five comics for the week, edit them, upload/make
thumbnails, enter information into the control file so they'll appear
online, copy transcripts to the online transcripts file, and manage
any problems that come up with the web stuff during the week (and
probably other things that I forgot to mention).

Exclude time it takes to come up with ideas (this happens
spontaneously) and one-time coding on the website.

To respond, click on "feedback" link above, type in what you think,
click submit.  Shouldn't leave your name.

- Class really is improved by people asking questions...
- You should all get together and pay someone to ask lots of questions
  to get the most out of it.
- Or get together and pay people to not ask questions, so that we can
  get out of here on time each day.