3132 - Career Prospects

c0225 -- Tue, 2007 Nov 06
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Wikipedia has an interesting article on "busywork" (this is not
prompted by me doing research for this comic, somehow I found myself
at this page by other means).

In other news, it seems like last Friday's comic ("Texas Chemistry
Teaching Labs") finally caused some controversy. The votes were
1,2,3,4,5,5,5 so far.  It's almost back to the good old days of
extreme bimodal scores.

It's also interesting how the trend of votes in time has been.  About
two weeks ago, all votes were favorable.  As time went on, they got
more and more distributed to the low end.  I take that to mean
getting more controversial and challenging the system, which I take to
be a good thing.

Unfortunately, my top comics scoring system doesn't favor
controversial comics like this, so someday I'll have to make a list of
my own favorite/most controversial comics.

Perhaps I shouldn't be discussing votes, that might skew them.  But
regardless, don't forget to vote (same for real life real life).

- Hey, guys, let's dress up as our professor for Halloween.  I
  wonder what he'll say
- Great idea!
- [blank]