3132 - Indoctrination of New Faculty 1

c0123 -- Wed, 2006 Dec 20
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First off, the big break was caused by me being too lazy to scan in
the new comics, not me being too busy to do it, lack of ideas, or them
not being drawn (this stack has been sitting here for more than a
week).  Hopefully, I'll be back on my regular schedule now.

Second off, this comic and the next one are designed to comment on a
hypothetical situation.  It certainly isn't true in all cases, and no
matter where you go there are counterexamples.  Everything is a
gradient, all I want to do is get people thinking about it.

[A new prof is indoctrinated]
Purple: So, your promotions will be based 99% on research and 1% on
Green: So that means I can just blow off teaching?
Purple: Well, you probably shouldn't go around saying that.