3132 - Contradictions

c0104 -- Mon, 2006 Nov 13
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A bonus comic was posted right before this one.  It won't ever be on
the front page, so be sure you go back and look at it.

YellowGreen: Assume, for the sake of contradiction, that there is at
    least one largest prime number.
YellowGreen: But then you can multiply all prime numbers together, and
    add one.
YellowGreen: But then none of the other prime numbers could divide
    this, so it must be prime, and it is larger than the "largest"
YellowGreen: We have a contaradiction, so there can be no largest
    prime number.  So there are infinitely many of them.
(scene chance to office)
MrCyan: That's not going to be funny, MrBeige.
MrCyan: You're supposed to write about real-life contradictions, not
    mathematical ones.