3132 - The Other Side of The World

c0100 -- Wed, 2006 Nov 08
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Wow, this is number 100.  If I can do this many 100 more times, I'll
run out of digits to number them with.  That seems like quite a
challenge, but one than I'm not planning on meeting.  Anyway, I'm glad
I came this far, and hopefully I'll keep going for a long time.  That
should be easy as long as people keep doing funny things.

Many thanks to everyone who has provide ideas, feedback, and
especially just read them.  And, remember to vote (for which comics
are best).

(MrCyan is visiting China)
MrBeige (types): Hey, MrCyan, you know what?
MrCyan (types): What?
MrBeige (types): We are talking (online) to each other from opposite
    sides of the world!
MrBeige (types): When I was growing up in suburbville, I never would
    have thought that.
MrBeige: (types): I mean, at least we learned that the earth was
MrBeige: (types): But we never learned that people lived there.