3132 - Marketing Companies

c0093 -- Mon, 2006 Oct 30
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Attention!  I have posted all of the late comics from last week.  If
you are reading this via RSS, they may not show up, so be sure you get
them (there should be four from last week, and this one makes five).

For this comic, I realized I could have used "business students"
instead of "marketing companies" for a different kind of humor.

inspiration: mrcyan and mrmauve

Purple: My wife just got an ad for a "Bird Talk" Magazine.
Purple: But they mistook my last name for hers.
Purple: So that means that they have one database that says we are
Purple: One that says we have birds.
Purple: One that says where we live...
Green: Why don't we hire a marketing company to find Bin Laden?