3132 - Fitting in around Alatucky

c0084 -- Thu, 2006 Oct 12
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The current storyline begins at c0072.

This comic fits between #78 and #79, so it is out of order.  

I couldn't help but make this one.  "Alatucky" just seems
intrinsically funny.  I wonder how much more I can make up about it,
and how much longer this will go on.

It seems that these comics are getting quite a bit out of order.
Right now I'm posting them in the most logical order (not always
numerical), and then I go back and put them in numerical order later
on, but this one (84) has to go between 78 and 79, which is wrong.
I'm sure that will be nice and confusing someday.

(MrBeige is going to visit relatives in Alatucky)
MrBeige: MrCyan, how can I be sure that my relatives will accept me?
MrBeige: Alatucky is just so different from here...
MrCyan: Go buy a NASCAR T-shirt and a "W" had, and say you want to get
    a truck somewhere down the line.