3132 - Dinner with family in Alatucky

c0083 -- Tue, 2006 Oct 10
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The current storyline begins at c0072.

A fun exercise in absurdity.  This one took a very long time to draw
out.  I didn't mean to continue this story line, but I thought this up
at the last moment.  Who knows what else I'll think up before I call
it over, but I don't have anything in mind right now.

inspiration: extended family

(MrBeige is visiting family in Alatucky)
PaleBlue: MrBeige, it's time for supper
MrBeige: I guess I'm about to experience the famed southern
    hospitality/family dinnertime conversations.
PaleBlue: MrBeige, can I pass some green beans?
MrBeige: No, I've got some.
PaleBlue: Would you like some cornbread?
MrBeige: No thanks, I've already got some.
PaleBlue: How would you like some lemonade?
MrBeige: I'm OK...
PaleBlue: Would you like some mashed potatoes?
MrBeige: No thanks, I've already got some...
MrBeige: So, how's it bee.... (cut off)
PaleBlue:  Corn?
MrBeige: I'm fine, thanks.
PaleBlue: Would you like some more cornbread?
MrBeige: First let me finish this other food, but thanks...
MrBeige: I learned so much about them...