3132 - Visiting Alatucky

c0079 -- Mon, 2006 Oct 09
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The current storyline begins at c0072.

The one from last Friday was just now posted, look back if you missed

(Our hero is visiting his relatives in backwoods Alatucky)
PaleBlue (aunt): Hi MrBeige, we're going to have a good supper tonight.
MrBeige: Um...you should know that I'm a vegetarian now.
PaleBlue: MrBeige, you are going to die from malnutrition!
MrBeige: Well, um...actually, vegetarianism is a very healthy choice.
PaleBlue: I'm sure we will make do somehow...Uncle will be home soon.
Orange (uncle, with a piece of straw in his mouth): Honey, I'm home,
    and I just killed tonight's supper. I'ts in the back of the