3132 - Safety Precautions

c0066 -- Thu, 2006 Sep 21
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This seemed funnier before, but it's too late to not use it now.
Either way, this one wasn't designed to be that funny.


You know, I said I would be sure that they are all funny or
thoughtful.  But when I have to send one in each day, it gets harder
to do that.  However, I don't think that I'm really running out of
ideas, just not picking them very well.

But--- I'm also trying to save up a series of good ones on various
topics, for maximum effect.  So I can't necessarily use good ones as
they come up.

Brown (at podium): Our research shows that drunk driving is a far
    greater risk than terrorism.
Brown: Thus, for your safety, we will be revising various laws
    relating to alcohol.
(audience, from off screen): No! We'll never give up our freedoms!