3132 - Electronic Voting

c0064 -- Mon, 2006 Sep 18
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I just added a voting mechanism.

If you vote for a given comic more than once, only the last vote will
be counted.  The web page voting mechanism is pretty neat (it disables
the buttons after you have voted once), but the RSS feed mechanism is
a little bit more primitive, because it can't include javascript.

I'll mainly use the results to see what people like and don't like.
The exact meanings of the numbers is up to you, but there should be a
good distribution of numbers so that I can learn something from them
--- all ones or fives won't tell me anything.  This poll shouldn't
compare this comic to other comics (because it can't get data about
them), and it really can't even compare earlier comics to later comics
(different people voting, different contexts).  So you should compare
the comics to other comics that are around it and before it.

Have fun...

Green: I just made a system for online voting for my comics
Green: But then I got a lot of suspicious votes.
Green: So, I deleted them.  It's so easy when it is all electronic.
Red: Hey, we should use that for real life voting, too...