3132 - Grad School Application Fees

c0063 -- Fri, 2006 Sep 15
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The Comic
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I personally wouldn't apply to Hawaii because of this.  Hawaii is
where sun and water meet, both of which I like to keep out of.  My
first thoughts for far-away places I'd like to visit for free were
Tokyo and Moscow (if only I had universities there to apply to).

| < MrMauve> MrBeige: Re: The comic today
| < MrBeige> yes ?
| < MrMauve> Apparently, the way the University of Hawaii works is
|            hey will only refund your trip there if you accept
| < MrBeige> hahhah
| < MrBeige> that is great
| < MrBeige> where could I use instead ?
| < MrBeige> actually, it doesn't really matter
| < MrMauve> no it doesn't
| < MrMauve> just add that to the comments
| < MrBeige> I'll do it when I get back


I just added a voting mechanism.

If you vote for a given comic more than once, only the last vote will
be counted.  The web page voting mechanism is pretty neat (it disables
the buttons after you have voted once), but the RSS feed mechanism is
a little bit more primitive, because I don't know how to make a
javascript file be included in it. (I could try, but it seems like it
would be a bad idea in general.)

Note that I didn't know how to do this before yesterday... I mainly
found the key pieces I needed and pieced them together.

I'll mainly use the results to see what people like and don't like.
Have fun...

Blue: Man, the application fees for grad schools are really high.
Green: True, but if you get accepted, you get a free trip to visit
Blue: In that case, I'll apply to the university of Hawaii.