3132 - RIP Steve Irwin

c0054 -- Mon, 2006 Sep 04
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I could imagine a world where, if a alligator appeared on a creek bank
in Lake Jackson [1], some neighbor might pull out a rifle and shoot
it.  However, I don't think that is very likely.  My perspective on
what people would do is rather narrow, but I'd say that Steve's life
has been a astounding success.

[1] Mentally change this scenario so that it is plausible, I don't
    know enough where wildlife lives.

inspiration: Steve Irwin (hasn't he inspired us all?)

Brown: I'm getting tired of just being a regular guy.
Brown: I'm going to go out and do some good in the world.  It's time
    to face the powers that be.
Blue: (enters from right) Hey, did you hear that Steve Irwin got
Brown: I could never believe that guy.  He takes way too many