3132 - Next Generation Lectures

c0052 -- Thu, 2006 Aug 31
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My dad gets credit for giving me this idea-- he was recently at a
presentation where they did have a pre-recorded soundtrack.
Someone pointed out that the speaker could have walked out and it
wouldn't affect anything...

I've tried to make it more clear who is saying what.

It's always hard to tell if the colors will match.  I generally don't
worry about it, but I do have some general themes.

In other news, ideas abound now that classes have started.  I'm sure
I'll be returning to this topic again.  It's amazing how much
lecturing style makes an impact on teaching effectiveness, even if you
aren't the best teacher.

credits: my dad

(Demo of next-generation media consoles)
Red: Listen closely
Red (on screen): Our new media consoles are a breakthrough in learning
Red (from screen): With synchronized audio and video, you can record
your lectures from class, just like this.
Red (on screen): During class, you can sit back, relax, and answer any
questions.  Of course, this is no excuse for laziness.
Red (on screen): You shouldn't use the same presentation every year,
or things like that.
Red (on screen): Thank you.  The end.
Green (audience): Hey, where did the presenter go?
Blue: (audience): I think he went home.