3132 - Searching for Terrorists

c0050 -- Tue, 2006 Aug 29
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OK, I see I should have made this one differently.  Here's what it is
supposed to convey:

a) Publish a newspaper article about how person A is about to be
   arrested on terrorism changes
b) The public reads it and goes in a panic, because they don't think.
c) Arrest person A for terrorizing people.  This is because they are
   in a panic over person A.

Green: You are under arrest for making terrorist threats
Blue: When did I do that?
PaleGreen: Look at the newspaper.  The headline says "man arrested on
    terrorism charges."
PaleGreen: Because of this, people are in a panic.  That counts as
Blue: This doesn't make sense.  You caused all of this by
    digging too hard.
PaleGreen: We're just doing what people want.
PaleGreen: Welcome to the modern world.