3132 - Unix Holy Wars 101

c0044 -- Mon, 2006 Aug 21
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Actually, these people are sort of reasonable, so this is not a
realistic representation of what we are like.  But this is what we
are really thinking.

(Zealots are discussing linux)
Brown: Ubuntu is so much better than Fedora.
Blue: No way!  Installing Fedora is so much easier, and I don't have
to configure as much.
Red: But you have simple needs.  Power users need good defaults, long
term stability and ultimate configurability.  So I use Debian.
Purple: I use Gentoo, so I get to optimize everything for best
Green: When my drive broke, I manually repaired the drive with a
    binary file editor.  Beat that--- or just call me when you need
Beige: It's amazing what happens when people compete and work