3132 - Grid Computing

c0038 -- Thu, 2006 Aug 10
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The Comic
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Well, after a week of not drawing, here goes again.  I realized last
week that I couldn't keep putting in the time it was taking to make
them, so I figured "why not go ahead and stop now?"  I kept having
ideas (I had never even touched my idea file), so the compromise is
(hopefully) funnier comics, skipping updates if it won't be funny, and
much worse art (Richard's fault).

PS. The cast now comes from here.

inspiration: MrCyan

Purple: Can I run simulations on your computer to use you spare
   processor power?
Green: yes
Green: But only when my chair is facing north and when my shoes are
Purple: How am I supposed to make my program detect that?
Green: I don't know.
Purple: The how am I supposed to use the spare compute time?
Green: If it was easy, it wouldn't be research...
(empty frame)