3132 - UNIX code of conduct.

c0034 -- Mon, 2006 Jul 31
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Note that this usually applies to the flavor of linux/unix (Debian,
Fedora, Ubuntu), not to unix/Windows.  Windows just isn't relevant to
us much.

MrMauve, MrGreen and Iget credit for this conversation.  MrGreen had
the punchline.  A lot of the unix-related comics coming up come from
conversations we have spontaneously had.  Keep in mind that this
really happens (with some modifications of context) and maybe you'll
enjoy it more.

MrCyan: MrBlonde, in order to be productive you need to learn to use
    Unix and Linux.
MrCyan: The first rule is that once you know enough, you are always
MrBlonde: What if someone disagrees?
MrCyan: Insult their operating system or text editor.  That always
MrBlonde: What if they use the same OS or editor?
MrBeige and MrCyan: We can always find an area of unixdom where we are